When Life Gives You Lemons…Or Runs You Over In The Driveway

Why I started writing

I was always passionate about writing. I enjoyed my high school English assignments. Hell, I earned a 96% on my NYS English Regents exam and I positively adored my college writing classes! It was never presented as a means to make a living though. Just like most other things I enjoyed in life, such as drawing, painting, and music, I was made to believe that any artistic endeavor was simply a hobby. “There’s no money in the arts! Pick a real career!”

So, I went to nursing school. I busted my ass studying anatomy, memorizing medications and cleaning bedpans and trach tubes. After graduation, I spent 11 years bouncing from one frustrating RN job to another. I was always mentally and physically exhausted and I never had anything to show for it short of a sore back and a growing feeling of un-fulfillment. I had never worked so hard to end up feeling like such a failure. It didn’t make sense to me. I had taught myself to draw and paint. I had taught myself to play guitar. I had even started my own successful online business from the ground up, website, e-shop, blog and all! Why then, was I struggling in a career that made me miserable and kept me from realizing my full potential?

When I began my online business Happy Manes Rabbitry, I noticed something. I realized that if I put enough effort into the right thing, I could be very successful! Over the last three years, I learned how to create a website and business model that attracts customers and builds their trust. Through trial and error along with LOTS of research, I learned how to create engaging blog posts and web content as well as how to effectively market my products. All of a sudden, I was seeing positive, meaningful results from my passion and hard work. I soon came to another realization, there is real money to be made from artistic endeavors! As long as I pursue the correct avenues. After all, musicians make money from their talents as do tattoo artists from theirs, and architects from theirs.

I am currently attempting to transition from my nursing career to freelance writing. After all, I have always enjoyed writing and I am ready to make money doing what I love rather than loathing what I do.

Life is frustrating, pursue what you love!